Artist Management | Music Marketing

Artist Management.
Music Marketing.

Talent Development

We work closely with our artists to help them refine their skills, build their brand, and create a unique artistic identity.

Booking and Touring

Our team of experienced booking agents can help secure gigs and tours, negotiate contracts, and ensure smooth logistics.

Marketing and Promotion

We develop customized marketing and promotion strategies to increase our artists' visibility and reach a wider audience.

Financial Management

Our financial experts help our artists manage their finances, create budgets, and plan for the future.

Creative Consulting

We provide creative consulting services to help artists develop new projects, collaborations, and other opportunities.

Industry Networking

Our extensive industry network helps our artists connect with other professionals, including producers, directors, and record labels.

What We Do

At Kamae Artists, we are passionate about advancing careers in music. We value integrity and quality, with a deep care of artists reaching their full potential.

We believe in a personalized management approach that is as unique as the artists themselves. From talent development to marketing, and finance management, Kamae provides a comprehensive suite of artist management strategies to ground our clients, help raise their profile, and monetize their careers.